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Say hello to a one-stop compliance platform

Break the silos with a single uniform platform that brings you the next generation of policy and procedure management, learning management, video and thousands of ready-to-use elearning content for your compliance and workforce upskilling needs.

Intelligently communicate to employees and third parties

Ekko improves the efficiency of compliance management using machine learning and AI. Ekko learns and understands a company’s policies, procedures, training and structure and transforms them into a unified, Siri-like mobile user experience, achieving a 360-degree contextual awareness.


Unified real-time business insights

Ekko transforms data from policies, procedures, certifications and training into valuable governance, risk and compliance business insights. Track, audit and demonstrate the effectiveness and the impact of your compliance program in key business metrics.

Why Ekko?

Compliance programs that cannot show meaningful results will fail to meet the stronger regulatory standards being applied today.

Who is Ekko for?

Winner of the 2019 GRC UX Award

GRC 20/20 recognizes Ekko with the 2019 GRC User Experience Award in Policy Management.