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Author, manage and communicate policies like never before

Import existing policies and procedures, collaboratively author new ones, define relevant audiences, expiration dates and review periods. When ready, publish the policies and let Ekko do the magic of transforming them into an engaging and interactive mobile experience. 

360 contextual compliance for real-time governance

Ekko is an intelligent compliance platform that smartly communicates the right policy or procedure to the right user at the right time. 

Location-based notifications

Ekko provides notifications through email, in-app and mobile alerts to notify users of policies, procedures and knowledge relevant to an event or their location.  

System of record

Ekko provides a detailed audit trail and system of record for policy and training activities and interactions. With Ekko, organizations can manage evidence and present a defensible system of record of how policies were communicated and understood by employees and how training was completed and kept current in a dynamic environment.

Workflow-based tasks

Ekko provides a full range of capabilities to build workflows and tasks, including the ability for both linear and parallel workflows, alerts on pending tasks that are soon due, and escalation of missed tasks. Ekko allows multiple levels and geographic/language versions of policies, as well as ensuring proper processes and tasks are completed.

Dashboard and reporting

Ekko offers a customizable dashboard and reporting engine. GRC professionals can report on metrics and trends to track relevant information, developments, trends and activities for specific policies.

Manage the full scope of policies across the enterprise with a strong system of record that provides communication and awareness assurance in one platform