Getting Smart with Appraisals

Conducting appraisals is a core business practice. Easily create workflow-based smart forms, which contain checklists and questions for assessments that can be monitored at any time. Managers and staff can share status updates and follow up when appropriate.

The Full Picture – 360 Feedback

360 Degree Feedback helps managers ask a wider group of participants for input, ensuring a more holistic review of staff member performance.

Skills & Competencies

Build multiple competency-based learning and performance frameworks with and without hierarchies, map competencies to positions, organizations, and courses, and link courses to competencies in order to automatically populate learning plans.

Develop Your People with Learning Plans

Show all employee learning, competencies, and objectives. See their upcoming deadlines, what is mandatory, and what to prioritize. Manage the process with approval workflows, comment boxes, and notifications.