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About Elcam

Elcam Medical is a world provider of disposable medical devices and innovative solutions for the OEM market and a provider of innovative solutions for specialized flow control need. As a global company, which operates under a highly regulated market, accurate and trackable training and knowledge delivery which complies with various medical regulations are paramount.

The Challenge

Elcam is manufacturing for the strictly regulated medical industry, it is constantly under strict supervision. Therefore, Elcam is required to maintain consistent tracking of information as well as being able to provide any electronic data or proof of systematic and constant training delivery and accurate completion and certification achievements,  at any given time. Elcam’s training and knowledge transfer delivery consists a number of procedures that define the training courses for employees in a certain department, mainly for production and quality assurance departments.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The complexity of managing and tracking cohesive training program due to rapid growth in the number of employees, departments and occupations
  • Inefficiency in managing training activities and performance in light of growing regulatory requirements for employee’s training and constant documentation
  • Clients’ demand for Elcam to comply with regulatory standards
  • Training and learning was not personalized per role and location, but rather general programs
  • Tracking  learning activities, qualifications and delivering  refreshers were sporadic and not systematic, which resulted in low employee engagement
  • Managing certification expiration dates and on time completions were done manually, which resulted in many inaccurate completion data
  • All training was traditionally delivered as an in-class training, which created a challenge to find the best time for everyone to attend these classroom events, thus resulting in low on-time certification completion rates

“Before LearningZone, we had to do all training activities related tasks manually – we literally had to rely on our memory to remember who needs to do what… and then send them a reminder, track and document their activities, and then – issue monthly reports hope for the best..”

The Solution

To address the above challenges, Elcam started to look for a solution that will help them to automate training, learning and knowledge transfer. Lea and her team defined their goals as follow:

  • Create a goto knowledge transfer hub, which will gather all training and learning programs in one place
  • Apply full automation of all learning activities, documentation, monitoring and analysis
  • Meet the required regulatory standards for employees’ training, knowledge level and management control
  • Easily track completion and quickly generate all required reports
  • A platform that will help increase employee engagement with Elcam’s training and learning program and help with increasing on-time completion rates

After researching various available solutions in the market, Elcam has decided to choose LearningZone.Me cloud learning and performance platform. LearningZone.me is a custom version of Totara Learn, designed to be offered as a SaaS solution. Elcam Medical’s decision to select LearningZone.me were:  

  • A highly secured Software as a Service-based learning platform, that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Powerful, yet easy to use, features such as hierarchy, audience, certification and learning paths management which simplify learning and training automation and tracking
  • Comprehensive report manager which allows an easy and quick way to demonstrate electronic proof of employees training and learning performance as well as certification and course completion rates A professional and customer success team that that Elcam can rely on for  helping them build a tailored learning strategy and meet the company learning goals as well as configure LeanringZone.me platform to support it

Once LearningZone.me was selected, Elcam Medical’s initial goals to achieve with the platform were:

  • Developing an effective onboarding training, certifications and refreshers programs
  • Managing and tracking on the job training – documentation of practical learning activities and measuring of the effectiveness of the training using the automated feedback capability
  • Generating reliable completion and certification reports and designing manager’s dashboard which provides an easy way for managers to track the performance and compliance levels of their teams

The Results

Using LearningZone.me, Elcam is now able to automatically manage and monitor all training and compliance activities, and in fact, the success of the initial launch provides a better ground for developing comprehensive employees development programs:

  • LeanringZone’ simple course and certification methodology allow Elcam to define a more structured and clear training process, which includes specific tasks, timetables, deadlines etc.
  • When all information assembled and managed automatically in LearningZone, Elcam is leading a cultural change in training, as it is very easy to manage all actions within minutes
  • Information is now more accessible to employees – anyone can log in and see the required courses, future learning tasks and learning history. Furthermore, the manager can get these reports directly to their emails on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. All organized chronologically and includes notification
  • Higher commitment by employees and manages to take part and responsibility of the organization qualification
  • The tracking process is significantly faster using the various tools in the system. For example, managers can access reports without being dependent on the system admin. They have a view of their employees’ data. This saves valuable time and makes processes a lot more efficient
  • LearningZone’s diverse features offer many more options for online learning, such as uploading videos, quizzes, feedback etc, which enables Elcam to progress and develop the world of learning and employees development
  • The training manager is now able to accomplish cross-organizational control on learning performances by producing reports that visually show the percentages of learning by departments/roles/individuals etc.

“Today, LearningZone does all of this for us and saves us a valuable work time. When I started my position as Head of Training and we started conducting monitoring of learning status more closely,  we had about 400 employees of whom 180 had certifications that were expired. From 55% of qualified employees in the organization (general definition), we are now standing at 99.8% of qualified employees, thanks to using LearningZone. Says Lea.

“The implementation process had to be comprehensive and thorough as it was integrated and supported a significant cultural change in the organization. The use LearningZone (after it was planned in detail and defined by me with the assistance of several managers and the Customer Success team at LearningZone) is quite intuitive and accessible to anyone,” adds Lea.