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Loving Your LMS Part 2: 3 Tips for Managers

Welcome back to our three-part series where we join forces, reflect, and start loving our learning management systems more and more every day. You’ll remember that the first part of our series was focused all around our L&D departments; and now, it’s time for our managers out there. Ever stopped to think what a LMS can do for you, or maybe how you can take that already implemented LMS your organization acquired a while back and use that thing for your advantage? Coming to the rescue, everyone. Here are a few tips for you to help you use the system to your complete satisfaction and advantage:

1. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Whether you a team of 1 or 1,000, each is its own person and would definitely like to be seen as such (I’m sure you already know this). The trick in personalization is creating journeys (in our case learning journeys) rther than an academic style of learning experience. That means that your LMS should have the capabilities of setting personal and individual goals, audiences, programs and look and feel items for the learner, assigning them different learning opportunities based on their specific growth channels, and making sure each learner believes this system was made taking their needs, time and relevancy in mind.

It’s important to remember to talk to your provider about possible branding of your LMS, including specific branding for the different departments or sections of your organizations – all in an effort to make the learner feel engaged.

Another great way of many to ensure personalization are the automated messages that can be sent to your employees through the system. Reminder messages with the employee’s name, personal messages that can help guide the employee through system features, or messages suggesting new and specific learning opportunities to enrich and engage the employee; all are important, in addition to paying attention to the small details like the name on top of the mail, or messages coming straight to their phones. When people know you’re thinking about them, they will naturally be more open to learning, experiencing new things, and developing themselves both personally and professionally.

2. Control Your Employees Development – Your Way

As this article from the eLearning Industry shows, around 68% of users of LMS systems today prefer the blended learning approach when it comes to training their employees; that could definitely include you, but it doesn’t have to! The beauty in a flexible, cloud based LMS is that it’s extremely flexible and fits into your organization’s culture, work ethics, and your expectations as a manager of what the training should look like. Prefer more face-to-face interactions to pass the knowledge along? With seminar management tools inside LearningZone, you can easily schedule classrooms, manage signup sheets and enrollment requirements, and invite users to attend the event you’ve planned with no extra fuss. On the other hand of the scale, self-paced learning courses of all types can also be available in LearningZone, and can be built by you, your R&D department, or by you yourself – the beauty is in the choice.

3. Track Your Employees

So, you’ve set goals, built and assigned everyone to their relevant courses and programs – and now what? Tracking, and seeing your employees’ progress throughout the day is one of the most important features an LMS offers you and your organization. No, it’s not spying – it’s being a watchful eye to make sure your employees reach their goals, develop as the workforce your organization needs, and work towards raising performance rates. Read more about keeping track in this article.

Want to learn tricks and tips on how managers can use LearningZone to its full abilities to enhance their retention rates and improve overall performance rates while closing all the existing gaps? Have no fear – talk to us here.