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How your LMS can help more than just your L&D team

When most people think of a LMS, they understandably tend to think first about the L&D team. The L&D team wants a learning platform that will make their lives easier by reducing time spent on learning administration, automating processes and more efficiently managing the way people learn in the organisation. However, what many people don’t realise is that an LMS has a much wider impact than on the L&D team alone. Take a look at some of the other teams that will benefit when you implement the right learning management system…

IT team

Your IT team is crucial to the smooth running of your organisation. From fixing printers to installing new software and setting up entire networks, they already have their hands full. Implementing a user-friendly LMS can significantly reduce IT support requests and take the pressure off your overstretched technical experts. Opting for a flexible learning management system that supports single sign-on means nobody has to remember yet another password, and a sensible navigation structure will ensure everyone can find exactly what they need quickly and easily.

Compliance team

Not every business has the luxury of a compliance team, but if yours does, they’ll thank you if you introduce an LMS to help them manage their learning content. If you work in a highly regulated industry such as finance or pharmaceuticals, you’ll know how much content there is to deal with, and legislation and procedures can change quickly, meaning you need a flexible platform to ensure your learners always have the most up-to-date content. Pushing out new information via a LMS will be much faster, cheaper and more consistent than inviting everyone to face-to-face training sessions out of the blue.

Management team

Managers are busy people, and they don’t generally have time to check the progress of each individual they manage. That’s where the LMS comes in – you can generate reports at the touch of a button to show managers who has training due, how people are progressing through learning content and how this relates to their job performance. They can also take a deeper dive into specific people via a personalised dashboard, so they can get an at-a-glance view of what matters to them without having to waste time trawling through data. This will help them become better managers, as they’ll have a better understanding of each individual and how they’re performing compared to the rest of the team.

HR team

The HR team will most likely have their own HR software, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also benefit from your LMS. The best learning management systems will integrate with the other systems in your organisation, sending information across the network to cut out the middleman and keep processes seamless and hassle free. Additionally, having a clear overview of how employees are performing can help inform HR decisions, such as pay rises, bonuses, performance plans and other incentives, ensuring training activities can be linked to performance and productivity for all-important context.

Marketing team

Anything that helps your employees engage more effectively with your business as a whole will be welcomed with open arms by your marketing team. A lack of internal buy-in or enthusiasm can make the job of a marketer ten times more difficult, so getting everyone educated and enthused about what you do will help make their jobs easier. If you really want to get the marketing team on your good side, why not include social initiatives as part of your LMS? For instance, encourage people to share what they’ve learnt on social media, or to try out their new communication skills in your company’s LinkedIn group or industry platforms. You want your LMS to inspire a new wave of brand evangelists who will want to shout about your company from the rooftops, and if you manage this, your marketing team will love your learning platform just as much as your learners do!

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