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Get on the Cloud – 4 Major Benefits of a Cloud-Based LMS

It seems that everywhere you turn your head to these days, people talk about the cloud; whether it be storage for your photos, your music, or maybe just a new buzzword that has embedded itself deep into our culture, it’s difficult to escape the cloud and its benefits in our fast paced, global environments.

So it goes for the learning world, and for Learning Management Systems all over the world as well; companies today try to sell their LMS as cloud platforms more aggressively than ever, and can’t seem to take a breath when you ask them what the benefits of cloud based system is versus a system that is locally installed.

We’ve tried, once and for all, to set the record straight and gather some real benefits we noticed while implementing our cloud based LMS and what we hear from our customers. Though these are not all the benefits by far, they are certainly some of the major ones. If you know of any others, don’t hesitate to talk to us and drop some of your knowledge below:

Lower Overall Costs

While many LMSs that are installed locally can drag alongside them costs for updates and repairs (that also have to be installed on your systems), a cloud based or SAS (Software as Service) LMS works through monthly or yearly fees, and is based on the number of users that system will have to uphold – think of it as” renting” the system, to exactly the time and place you need. Alongside the lower installation costs a cloud system holds, it also requires much less time to be set up in your system then any on-site installed system – making the overall initial costs and time lower than you’d ever expect.

Customizations – at Just the Right Amount

We know what you may have heard – cloud based LMSs simply have no customization features, can’t be made to “feel” like home with your company’s logo or colors, and are often off-the-shelf systems that will feel as impersonal as the ones next door.

Can we bust that theory yet? It’s true – less customization is available when deciding to purchase a cloud based LMS, but that’s your benefit (truly!). We’ve experienced customers who wanted to personalize every single detail of their system, and found themselves months later unsatisfied, frustrated with their choices, and gone down that endless loop of customizations customers often fall to when beginning with their LMS journey. Of course, personalization is possible when dealing with a cloud based LMS, but just at the right amount – so that you can focus on the learning on hand, and less about the gradient of the color of the border of the box at the upper left side of the … (you get what we’re trying to say?)

Growing Done Easy

Getting a cloud based LMS is seeing towards the future. As your company grows, and you start acquiring more and more users with more complex tasks to perform, the locally based LMS you may have thought was a good idea many months ago is now heavy on your bandwidth, not allowing you to expand and cater to your growing needs. In addition, many updates and add on services can be added to your cloud based LMS as the months go by – so that if you discover that you need – we don’t know, maybe additional support services or additional learning opportunities, you may add these on without ever getting our from your chair (though we do suggest to stretch your legs every once in a while)

Seamless Global Collaboration

Planning to go global? Good! Take your LMS and learning initiatives right along with you for the journey, as a cloud based LMS can be opened from any browser, anywhere in the world, and can be installed with many language add-ons that will make learning for your employees as natural as speaking their own native language. This point again connects to the scalability advantages such a cloud-based system contains, and the future you buy into when you allow yourself to dream big to a scalable and more profitable future for your organization.

These are some of the main benefits we here at LearningZone have seen when making the transition to a cloud-based LMS – of course, there are many more, which may just answer your needs in a faster, more reliable way. To check our system and how it can help your business grow through carefully constructed and effective learning, visit our site.