• Managing Performance

Support, track and measure professional development across your organization

Investing in your staff’s ongoing development fosters a stronger, more engaged workforce and helps your organization remain a responsive and evolving player within your industry. LearningZone provides the means to measure, monitor and encourage personal and professional development, and offer staff, managers, and your HR team a comprehensive performance management tool.


LearningZone offers a sophisticated appraisal system that captures, evaluates and facilitates discussion on the professional and personal development of your staff. Courses, programs, certifications, competencies and learning objectives from an individual’s learning plan can be automatically pulled into an appraisal form for evaluation of formal and informal learning undertaken both internally and externally to the system. A streamlined and automated alternative to paper-based forms, the appraisal system features a variety of configurable and customizable question types, including multi-choice, custom scales, set text and images, alongside workflows for learners, managers, manager’s managers and an appointed appraiser.