• Learning Journeys

Enable your employees to prepare for new responsibilities

Employees are most likely the biggest cost and management challenge in your organization, and it is critically important to align employee development with organizational strategies. LearningZone Learning Journeys allow your employees to develop the specific competencies needed to improve performance in their present position, or to prepare for new responsibilities. Learning Journeys provide quick and targeted access to relevant learning, both e-learning and face-to-face events, and enable employees to see their progress at a glance.

Depending on a learner’s job assignment, position, department or where they sit within the management hierarchy, Learning Journeys templates allow you to set custom permissions around the creation and update of plans for different groups of learners. Competencies, and their associated courses, can also be automatically pulled into plans based on a learner’s job position and role within the organization.

Course managers can even build customized and personalized Learning Journeys. Course content can be unlocked to learners when certain conditions have been met, such as the completion of other course activities, achievement of a certain grade, or based on the learner’s group or profile information. Complex restriction sets can be built to create an adaptive course and support learners working at a variety of levels and abilities or belonging to different audiences.