• Assessments

Create a variety of assessed activities and recognize learner achievements

Assessing the progress and understanding of your learners is critical to ensuring your training material and events are informative and effective. Based on the suite of capabilities offered by Totara Learn, LearningZone has a wide range of assessment options, from a powerful quiz engine to more formal assignment submissions. You can also load assessments developed with popular third-party authoring tools and send scores and completion information to a central course grade book.


For submission-based assessments, online and offline assignments can be managed and graded through LearningZone. With customizable submission requirements, including word or file limits, deadlines, and a number of attempts, alongside workflows and guidelines for marking and final grades, the assignment tool provides course managers an automated and distributed grading system.


LearningZone features a sophisticated quiz builder, on which course managers can create pre-defined or randomly generated quizzes pulled from question banks, all with automated grading. The quiz tool offers a range of question types including multi-choice, short and long answer, true/false, drag-and-drop markers, and mathematical equations, as well as different question behaviors, such as deferred or instant feedback and certainty-based marking. Quizzes also feature a variety of automated workflows, including customizable feedback based on responses, time and attempt limits, and pass/fail tracking.. Alongside the quiz builder, detailed reporting offers course and training managers insight into learner scores and answers, allowing trend analysis across individuals, groups, or entire quizzes.