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Compliance Training a Drag? Here are 4 Simple Tips

No matter how we try and spin it, compliance has always been seen as a drag – it’s not that the subject matters aren’t important, it’s just that the strict regulations that usually accompany these compliance topics leave very room for managers and employees to be flexible, both in training and in execution.

So, is that it? Do we give up and give in to the monotony that is compliance training? Is there no way to train our employees about serious subjects such as office safety, information security and so on without feeling like we’ve lost control over them?

Here are 4 simple tricks that will hopefully give you a new perspective on compliance – or really any other kind of serious training material; it’s truly an end to another boring 9 AM lecture:

1. Give Your Employees Some Independence

Most compliance training is mandatory in organizations, and one great tip that we’ve learned is giving your employees a sense of choice in their training. How does this work? Simply provide a basket of voluntary sessions that relate to your core topic within the training period, and let employees choose which ones they would like to attend – that way, everyone can feel a little bit in control, we can get the regulations and message across, and we go towards eliminating those looks of despair at most of our mandatory compliance meetings. LearningZone can truly help you on that front, by providing a platform to easily build your extracurricular courses, manage signups for seminars and eLearning oppratunities, and give your employees a true choice while making sure everyone goes through all the mandatory training (you can even send them reminders about it!)

2. Make Training a Process

True knowledge is gained with time and effort, and surprisingly not from formal learning (see our article about the 70-20-10 model to learn more). Since learning is an elongated process, we must make an effort to transfer the knowledge in several different channels (like frontal sessions, eLearning, an organization learning portal such as LearningZone, or social learning opportunities such as campaigns and events). This multi-channel approach to learning will definitely help pass on the knowledge you need to the people who need it most.

3. Let Them Share

Create a platform where employees can share their thoughts on a topic in a managed manner. You can invite outside lecturers and experts to share their professional knowledge on these platforms (as well as answer questions, mention their techniques and more). These social platforms can range anywhere from a group chat or a company forum (on a Learning Management System would be best), and can provide a ranking of the topics most relevant to the employees, periodic surveys, teaching opportunities and more. As this article from the eLearning Industry suggests, even using social media platforms may have its benefits, by letting employees share their thoughts and feedback, as well as create a continuous learning culture in the company as a whole.

4. Leadership Support

Anything is possible, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you knew your managers were standing right behind you in support the whole time? As is true for any type of training (but especially in compliance of any kind), managers have the biggest interest of anyone to effectively train and educate the people around them – in the end, we’re looking for improved performances, attained with the right training and knowledge. If you get your managerial team on board with whatever campaign you plan on doing, chances are you’ll have an easier time convincing your co-workers to listen to you and remember the material – and that’s our end goal, isn’t it?

That’s it folks; 4 tips to turn your compliance training into so much more than a drag. Do you want to learn more about how LearningZone can help you achieve meaningful and successful compliance programs and training sessions? Talk to us here!