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Our Story

LearningZone was founded by Hertzel Kuriel in 2016 with a vision to help companies globally to perform better,  and run great businesses by doing good for their society and environment.

LearningZone has been achieving this by engaging HR, compliance and legal departments to work more easily and efficiently and build the competencies, knowledge, policies and controls they need.

We constantly work to make or enterprise software more engaging, smart and user friendly to simplify governance, risk and compliance and help our clients to increase accountability.

Our Mission

LearningZone’s mission is to turn corporate compliance and learning in to a strategic and business advantage.

While we simplify compliance management and learning for compliance officers and HR professionals, we also make it easily accessible and available to the entire workforce and third parties, thus helping organizations globally to become accountable for their compliance and workforce development strategies and quickly adapt to the ever-changing world of business.